Tokenomics & Fees

pSWAMP reward distribution

Total ~4,631.28767 pSWAMP/day (0.107205733 pSWAMP/block) 10.00% of Total to Dev Team to ensure essential growth of the protocol Maximum supply cap at 1,690,420 pSWAMP.
Pre-mint: 10420 pSWAMP for intial liqudity and partnerships
All parameters may be adjusted in the future with governance voting.

All Vaults (including SWAMP Vaults)

Deposit fee: 0.1% (distributed to vault depositors)

All Vaults (excluding SWAMP Vaults)

Buyback: 2.0% of performance fee will go to pSWAMP buyback and burn Network fee: 0.2% of performance fee will be used for network transactions Operational fee: 1.8% to platform operators Total fee: 4 % on profits calculated in APY
Last modified 6mo ago